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Field Trip

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Daily Blog
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Today we went to Renfrew Park in Waynesboro, PA with my digital photography class.

Our assignment was to take a lot of pictures showing depth-of-field. It was a beautiful day and our professor brought a former student to pose for photos in the different venues.

I took a lot of pictures and it was difficult to only pick four for the assignment. I am posting five, including the four I chose, on a new page. I decided to split the photography off onto its own page for organization and easier access for my readers.

I enjoyed learning more about shutter speed and f-stop. And, I was amazed at the quality of the pictures I was able to take. This project really gave me a lot of confidence. I am now seriously considering the new camera again 🙂

Until we “meet” again tomorrow, faithful readers… C


Today in class we had a guest speaker, Rodney Cool, from Aesthetic Life Studio.

He said that he started his business when his regular job was sent overseas. But, I got the impression that his love of photography is what also motivates him. He spoke a lot about very pratical things, but, he was very passionate about photography and the purity an art of it.

It made me grateful for choosing to go back to school and to follow my passion for graphic design and art. While I understand this could be a lot of hard work, I want this so much. I don’t need to make millions of dollars (although that would be nice), I just want to live my truth and my passion.

So, faithful reader, let’s continue the journey into graphic design… C


Posted: April 11, 2011 in Daily Blog
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I finally got my iPad2 I ordered way back on 3/12/2011… WHEW!

I’ve posted pictures of our trip to DC and the Cherry Blossom Festival on a NEW page called “Personal Stuff…”. I hope you enjoy this new page and the pictures I post there.

Today in graphic design class I polished the inside of my menu. I am almost finished – I just need to add pricing to my food items. I’ll post the entire menu with the re-vamped cover and insides by Thursday, so, stay tuned.

I was excited to share with my professor the information I got from the Adobe CS5 seminar and that they made an announcement this morning about Adobe CS5.5 and the new subscription pricing available.

Also, cross your fingers because I am trying to apply for a scholarship from the new honor society I joined. I asked three people at Kaplan to give me reference letters. I hope I can get this money towards my degree!

The iPad is done updating, so, I will talk to you tomorrow, faithful reader… C