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What is happening? Have educators become so complacent or defeated that they can stop handwriting in school?

I am already very disappointed in the budget cuts that took away the majority of music and art programs in public schools, but this pushes it to a new low.

Listen, I am a HUGE computer nerd and I am typing this on my iPad2. But, nothing can ever replace art, music, correspondence, etc. made with the naked human hand, a piece of paper and some basic writing instrument such as a piece of charcoal, a brush or quill and ink.

There is nothing more personal and touching than receiving a handwritten letter from someone you love. How will people sign store-bought cards if they never learn to write?

How can we be so arrogant to believe we will always have an electrical outlet, a computer and a printer accessible at any given moment? Please someone read this and stop the insanity!

Take the time today to fill out a form, a check or write a letter to a friend you haven’t seen for awhile and relish in the fact that you are participating in a dying form of the written word. In the not so distant future, someone may sell it to a museum as a piece of ancient history.