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I was so excited after my internet search to find no one had a site or business named Design Element.

So, when I went to get my .com domain, I was sad to learn someone had already purchased it. I was further upset to learn it is some company in the UK that bought HUNDREDS of .com domains and is holding them hostage with no intent of using them.

I tried contacting them directly because I didn’t feel like paying from $75 to $250 for someone like godaddy for just asking if they’d sell it to me.

I got a response and the company in England wants $2500 USD for the domain they will never use. I cannot believe there isn’t some control out there to keep this kind of unethical business practice from happening.

I did discover in my research that there are a few other options. There are other extensions I can use that are available without the $2500 price tag.

Here is where I need your help, faithful readers. Which extension from the below list would be the next best thing?

I am counting on you, faithful readers… C