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I went back to college to finish a degree. One degree. Any one.

WELCOME… and thank you for reading my little blog to the world.

I’m 43 and I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. Well, that’s not exactly true. I’ve always wanted to be an artist. I want to be the antithesis of what I am now – organized, quiet, patient and persevering. I want to be that crazy artist that everyone talks about and wants to know. I want my work to be internationally known and I want to meet interesting people and finally travel to Paris…

Okay, I know I’m ranting a bit. I’m sure as the blog progresses I will get better at bringing a single topic each day to you. But, today, at the very beginning, please let me type as much and as fast as I can. I was laid off of work and given the chance to go back to college. I chose Graphic Design as my major. I want to be a graphic designer and graphic artist.

I only have 3 classes and 2 terms to go before I graduate! Going to class today was exciting and overwhelming. Since we are near the end of our journey, there are more assignments and they are due faster than ever. We completed two in-class assignments today and we were given a tutorial assignment due in a week. I’ve posted the two in-class assignments in the Class Project section.

I’ve also included my final Photoshop project from last term. Why? Because the professor gave me an A and asked me to do two more and submit them to the 2011 Adobe Design Achievement Awards! I am working on the set of three and I’m entitling the project “Whale Watching”. The photos were from our trip to Provincetown, MA in 2009. I honestly don’t hope to win anything, but, it sure was nice of my professor to persuade me into doing it.

Until tomorrow, faithful readers… C