I was so excited after my internet search to find no one had a site or business named Design Element.

So, when I went to get my .com domain, I was sad to learn someone had already purchased it. I was further upset to learn it is some company in the UK that bought HUNDREDS of .com domains and is holding them hostage with no intent of using them.

I tried contacting them directly because I didn’t feel like paying from $75 to $250 for someone like godaddy for just asking if they’d sell it to me.

I got a response and the company in England wants $2500 USD for the domain they will never use. I cannot believe there isn’t some control out there to keep this kind of unethical business practice from happening.

I did discover in my research that there are a few other options. There are other extensions I can use that are available without the $2500 price tag.

Here is where I need your help, faithful readers. Which extension from the below list would be the next best thing?

I am counting on you, faithful readers… C



Posted: July 14, 2011 in Daily Blog

Looks like Google is trying to get into the social media arena. A friend of a friend had invites and I asked her to send me one.

I have set up my Google+ profile via my Google user id. Supposedly it is very private and your content remains your property and Google doesn’t take it from you.

Social media is a fact of life. A lot of people want to complain about it, shy away from it or completely boycott it. In this day and age of smart phones and tablets, you need to be connected. While I don’t agree with employers, or potential employers, using your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or now Google+ account to monitor your life, I do believe it is a great way to advertise, connect with family and friends and organize events and make a difference.

So, if you are one who hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon, I implore you to test the waters. Even Facebook has security and privacy controls that allow you to protect your information and keep your photographs from most of the public. And, what do you really have to hide?

Until next week, faithful readers, to coin a phrase from a classmate of mine, Facebook it… C

Come to the Opening Ceremony in the North Gallery at The Washington County Arts Council on August 5, 2011 at 5pm!

My classmates and I have taken some great pictures and we are showing (and selling!) them in an exhibit entitled “History Remembered”.

You can go to The Washington County Arts Council website for more information or, here is their information below:

The Washington County Arts Council, Inc.
14 West Washington Street
Hagerstown, MD 21740
(301) 791-3132

Proceeds from the sale of our pictures goes to needy college people with large student loans 🙂

What is happening? Have educators become so complacent or defeated that they can stop handwriting in school?

I am already very disappointed in the budget cuts that took away the majority of music and art programs in public schools, but this pushes it to a new low.

Listen, I am a HUGE computer nerd and I am typing this on my iPad2. But, nothing can ever replace art, music, correspondence, etc. made with the naked human hand, a piece of paper and some basic writing instrument such as a piece of charcoal, a brush or quill and ink.

There is nothing more personal and touching than receiving a handwritten letter from someone you love. How will people sign store-bought cards if they never learn to write?

How can we be so arrogant to believe we will always have an electrical outlet, a computer and a printer accessible at any given moment? Please someone read this and stop the insanity!

Take the time today to fill out a form, a check or write a letter to a friend you haven’t seen for awhile and relish in the fact that you are participating in a dying form of the written word. In the not so distant future, someone may sell it to a museum as a piece of ancient history.

Website Design

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Daily Blog

My intern boss has decided that since I am getting little website design experience in the classroom, he wants me to design a couple of web pages.

This is a challenge for me, and it makes it even more so, since the two websites are near and dear to him. The first is his own website. While I have been redesigning his logo, he wants me to redesign his website as well. You can imagine the pressure and over-thinking I put upon myself sometimes. But, I must honestly admit that he has been patient during the entire process. Working 2 hours a day is simply not enough time to revamp an entire website and rebrand someone’s business. But, I am making it work. I try to break down the process into small, easy to reach goals for each day.

The second site is for a church. While I had a few good ideas up front, they may not actually pan out in the end. So, I have put that to the side until I finish the other project. Again, working only 2 hours at a time has its disadvantages.

There are now only a few short weeks left to this term and I will graduate. I am hoping to be summa cum laude. I think it will look great on my resume!

Wishing you success in your endeavors, faithful readers… C

My brand…

Posted: June 16, 2011 in Daily Blog

I have decided not to use my name in my graphic design logo. There are several reasons. First and foremost, I believe that I need to think ahead and believe that my designs will become more recognized. Although I want my name attached to them, I don’t necessarily believe that it would be better for the actual business or brand to incorporate my name. As a matter of fact, a more professional and global way of thinking makes me want to make my brand more acceptable to everyone.

So, I have decided, after a thorough search over the internet, to go with Design Element. There are many graphic designers, furniture makers, interior designers and other businesses already using these names: Elemental Design (my first choice), The Design Element, Design Elements (plural), Elements of Design, etc.

And, I have fashioned my logo with the initials in a way that speaks to the simplicity and effectiveness of good “elemental” design. I also used my favorite colors (orange and blue). I hope you like it. Please feel free to let me know what you think of it. I have posted it on the Class Projects page.

Hoping to hear good things from you, faithful readers… C


Posted: June 15, 2011 in Daily Blog

I have to apologize again for being absent. Life presents many challenges and my newest is a very dear and close friend in the hospital with cancer.

We are working on our brand identity in may graphic design course. I am trying to incorporate a unique logo with my favorite poem. I am toying with the idea of not using my name in the name of the business. Instead of using my name and/or initials, I am leaning towards using “Elemental Design”.

Any advice, ideas or suggestions are welcome!

I hope to hear from you, faithful readers… C