Website Design

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Daily Blog

My intern boss has decided that since I am getting little website design experience in the classroom, he wants me to design a couple of web pages.

This is a challenge for me, and it makes it even more so, since the two websites are near and dear to him. The first is his own website. While I have been redesigning his logo, he wants me to redesign his website as well. You can imagine the pressure and over-thinking I put upon myself sometimes. But, I must honestly admit that he has been patient during the entire process. Working 2 hours a day is simply not enough time to revamp an entire website and rebrand someone’s business. But, I am making it work. I try to break down the process into small, easy to reach goals for each day.

The second site is for a church. While I had a few good ideas up front, they may not actually pan out in the end. So, I have put that to the side until I finish the other project. Again, working only 2 hours at a time has its disadvantages.

There are now only a few short weeks left to this term and I will graduate. I am hoping to be summa cum laude. I think it will look great on my resume!

Wishing you success in your endeavors, faithful readers… C


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