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Posted: June 16, 2011 in Daily Blog

I have decided not to use my name in my graphic design logo. There are several reasons. First and foremost, I believe that I need to think ahead and believe that my designs will become more recognized. Although I want my name attached to them, I don’t necessarily believe that it would be better for the actual business or brand to incorporate my name. As a matter of fact, a more professional and global way of thinking makes me want to make my brand more acceptable to everyone.

So, I have decided, after a thorough search over the internet, to go with Design Element. There are many graphic designers, furniture makers, interior designers and other businesses already using these names: Elemental Design (my first choice), The Design Element, Design Elements (plural), Elements of Design, etc.

And, I have fashioned my logo with the initials in a way that speaks to the simplicity and effectiveness of good “elemental” design. I also used my favorite colors (orange and blue). I hope you like it. Please feel free to let me know what you think of it. I have posted it on the Class Projects page.

Hoping to hear good things from you, faithful readers… C


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