Ad and Montage…

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Daily Blog

Again I must apologize. My body is once again dictating what I do. I have also been doing more at home since my MIL is out of town.

Today we critiqued our gradient mesh/gradients ads. I have posted mine on the Class Projects page.

We have also been working on a montage. Our teacher wanted two totally unrelated things to be metamorphosed into one cohesive piece. I chose a tiger lily. I have also posted this on the Class Projects page.

We are currently working on a tourism poster. I am using the pictures I took at Gettysburg Battlefields. I will post on the Class Projects page as soon as I am finished tomorrow or Friday.

I have received my first edition of the Carson Mag. It is truly different and unique. I am going to take it in to show my classmates. My teacher instantly subscribed to it as soon as she heard about it.

I cannot believe there are less than 3 weeks before the end of this term. My dream of finishing a degree is so much closer. It is going by too fast. I hope I can secure a job soon.

Until next time, faithful reader… C


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