Tutorial and Worksheet…

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Daily Blog

I have been working on a worksheet for Digital Photography. As I go through each question, I realize how it is all coming together for me. By understanding the separate parts of the camera, I have really started to realize what part each plays in the overall picture.

I think the biggest relationship in the camera is between the lens, the aperture and the shutter. Each plays a part on how much light, how much focused light and how long the light must interplay to make a great photograph. It is like a dance of light and the photographer is the choreographer.

Also, we were given a new graphic design tutorial to do in Photoshop. I am mostly an Illustrator guy, but, I am beginning to really appreciate the nuances of Photoshop and what it can do for pictures. The tutorial I chose was to take a photograph and an exact duplicate over exposed and make an HDR (High Dynamic Range Imaging) picture. It gives the photo a super-reality effect. I really think it makes the picture’s details really pop.

I must also insert yet another apology for not posting yesterday. I had to run north in PA to my surgeon’s office for another check-up and procedure. I know it’s not an excuse!

Anyway, play with some Photoshop tutorials. The ones we were given to choose from are on: http://www.computerarts.co.uk/tutorials/2d__and__photoshop/

I will post my tutorial outcome on the Digital Photography page (even though it really is a Digital Design II assignment).

Happy Photoshopping, faithful readers… C


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