Posted: May 1, 2011 in Daily Blog

This past week we photographed a product and then created an ad for it. Mine is an oriental box mix. I’ve included it on the Class Projects page. This is the part of graphic design I like the most. I am drawn toward product and brand advertising. I like the idea that I can create an ad, whether in a magazine, on a billboard, or on television that can attract consumers to buy it.

Kylie Minogue’s concert was at the Patriot Center Saturday night. I forgot that we had purchased tickets months ago and we made a mad dash to northern VA to see it. She really puts on a great show and I really appreciated all the design elements. The stage was set up with Greek columns and arches. The big screen behind had many elements relating to Greek mythology and Middle-Eastern images.

As Kylie rose from behind the stage on a huge clam shell, I realized there are so many things in design that are “borrowed” from earlier artists. How many times have we seen the famous painting, “The birth of Venus”, by Sandro Botticelli? Did he “steal” the idea from Greek mythology? Ellen Degeneres parodied the scene on one of her DVD covers for her stand-up comedy. How many times, as designers, will we be using re-mixed art?

I think design can have original elements, but, it is the familiar that draws us and keeps us interested. It gives us a sense of security and safety when we see images that we recognize. It makes us instantly feel like we’re part of the picture. We feel validated and feel like a member of the popular clique.

I want to push the envelope, be on the edge, learn new things, but, I also want to stay grounded enough to draw my audience in and make them interested. But, even further, I want them to feel like they are a part of the design. They can step through the “fourth wall” and be part of my art.

So, come on in, faithful readers, as I continue my journey… C


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