Posted: April 26, 2011 in Daily Blog

Yes, I am a slacker. I felt like I was getting the flu or some bug yesterday and took it easy all day.

I am starting to think I was just exhausted from all my travels this past weekend. The medical condition I have been dealing with since mid-December is taking a toll on me.

But, you are here to read about graphic design. So, today I wanted to post about a link and iPhone application my teacher at college tuned us into. It is called Instagram. It is free and available on iTunes.

It takes your photographs and applies one of several different filters to the photograph. It is a “purist” app. That is to say, the people that use it and adhere to “iPhoneography” want pictures that have not been altered by a computer, such as through Photoshop.

There are many photographers that seem to have this “new” mantra that they want unaltered photographs. They are bucking new technology for photographic purity. I think it’s a nice trend. Pictures that are meant to show real life should be as close to real life as possible. Why should you have your wedding pictures doctored to erase all your moles, wrinkles and imperfections when these are what make you uniquely you?

I have posted my Instagram photos on the Digital Photography page for your viewing pleasure.

Until tomorrow, faithful reader, keep your pictures pure… C


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