Metal, Flowers and Garden Gnomes…

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Daily Blog

Today I worked on my digital photography word project and also my next graphic design tutorial.

The tutorial designed an iPod Nano (older version). It helped teach me about layered fills and how to make a metallic finish. I have included the file in the Class Projects section for you to see.

I also worked on 4 photographs that tell a story from our yard. Hopefully, you will see the “word” that I am trying to convey with each photograph. I have included these in the Class Projects section, as well.

Tomorrow we are going to Renfrew Park in Waynesboro for our Depth-of-Field assignment. I hope I can get the hang of F-stop, Distance, Shutter Speed and ISO. My camera isn’t as easy to work with as you might think. It is an “Easy” camera from a well-known camera maker that begins with a “K”. But, I find that even in Manual mode, the camera locks out key elements like the metering adjustment and focusing options.

Have a lovely evening, faithful readers… C


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