Poster & Project 2…

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Daily Blog

Today we reviewed our menus/promo items in graphic design class. There were really some great ideas and I enjoyed seeing things through others’ perspectives.

We were given our next big project. We are to take a picture and render it in Illustrator as realistically as possible and apply the picture to an advertisement. I chose a high-speed train and I’ll do an advertisement on building a high-speed rail in a local area.

We also did an in-class assignment that was very thought-provoking. We were to make our own ampersand, exclamation mark or question mark. It was to give a certain feeling to the viewer. I have posted mine on the Class Projects page.

I also finished the poster project and sent a .jpg to my friend to get his thoughts. I have posted the same .jpg on my personal page. I hope you like it.

I am going to turn my attention this week to the digital photography projects due and my reading. I need to get a little ahead because I have a lot planned the next two weekends and won’t be able to work much on homework.

And, I received a really nice surprise in the postal mail today. I have been invited to an awards ceremony for local college students and I will be receiving a certificate. It says I was nominated by the director of my program at Kaplan. So, I need to send a big thank you to her and to my professor (who I am sure had a hand in it as well). What a great thing for them to do!

Well, faithful reader, stay safe and see you tomorrow… C


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