Playing catch-up

Posted: April 16, 2011 in Daily Blog

I apologize for not posting for a few days. I have been very self-absorbed and not paying attention to the blog.

I have been working on the poster project and our professor gave us several assignments for digital photography that are kicking my butt…

We have to restore 2 damaged photos for one project and they are due on Tuesday. I can do it, but, I do not enjoy this kind of work. It is nice to see a fixed photograph when you are done, but, the time and effort it takes to make it look natural is counter-productive. I can see how someone doing this kind of work would want to charge some big bucks!

I have added the first photograph before and after to the Class Projects page. I haven’t started on the second photograph because I am so exhausted from the first one. I think part of it is I am such a perfectionist and it really gets to me when I can’t make parts of the photograph look right. So, I do it over and over and try different methods until it comes closer to what I think it should be.

We also have a word/picture project, some reading and we are traveling to Harpers Ferry, WV on Thursday for another project. So, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Anyway, enough complaining for today, faithful reader… C


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