Productive Day!

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Daily Blog

Today I finished my menu and promotional item for my graphic design project due next week. I ran out to Johnnie’s in Chambersburg to get a nice maroon colored menu cover that went nicely with the colors of my menu. My professor said it looked like a real life menu! I am so happy with it. The promotional item is a keychain with the logo and the address and telephone number. I’ll put a copy of the promotional item on the Class Projects page for you to see.

I also have almost finished the poster idea for the non-profit event in October of 2011. I am going to contact my friend that gave me the opportunity and give him a print-out on tabloid-sized paper of what I have. If he likes it, I’ll give him the go-ahead to show it at the next meeting. I am praying that they like the retro feel I gave it. I also created two logos for the event – one for the special reunion taking place during the event and also one for the event itself.

Our professor also gave us a logo contest for a local homeless coalition. The deadline is September 1, 2011 so I have some time. But, yet another great opportunity to get my name and art out into the public eye.

I’m going to reward myself by playing with my new iPad. I haven’t used it much after the first night and I want to spend some time looking at applications and seeing what all I can do on it.

Until tomorrow, faithful reader… C


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