Posted: April 11, 2011 in Daily Blog
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I finally got my iPad2 I ordered way back on 3/12/2011… WHEW!

I’ve posted pictures of our trip to DC and the Cherry Blossom Festival on a NEW page called “Personal Stuff…”. I hope you enjoy this new page and the pictures I post there.

Today in graphic design class I polished the inside of my menu. I am almost finished – I just need to add pricing to my food items. I’ll post the entire menu with the re-vamped cover and insides by Thursday, so, stay tuned.

I was excited to share with my professor the information I got from the Adobe CS5 seminar and that they made an announcement this morning about Adobe CS5.5 and the new subscription pricing available.

Also, cross your fingers because I am trying to apply for a scholarship from the new honor society I joined. I asked three people at Kaplan to give me reference letters. I hope I can get this money towards my degree!

The iPad is done updating, so, I will talk to you tomorrow, faithful reader… C


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