Illustrator Tutorial

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Daily Blog

We have a new homework assignment in our graphic design class due on 4/13/2011.

I decided to do one that involves different brushes, including ones you make yourself, various pre-made fills, gradients and the opacity mask.

I actually veered from the exact tutorial because I didn’t see the need for using so many different brushes and hand-drawing each part of each individual letter. While the tutorial said it was intermediate and should only take 45 minutes, I didn’t agree since the author had you paint each letter curve with a different brush.

So, I used only 2 different brushes (instead of 5) and laid them on top of each other. It gives the same effect and I was able to concentrate a little more on the small leaves details.

I used 2 different brushes for the leaves and then rotated, reflected and copied them around the letters as the author prescribed. I moved the little circles slightly if they needed to be positioned better when they were too close to another letter.

The finished piece is on the Class Projects page. The author wanted to use vector graphics to create a piece that looks more hand-drawn and I believe the end piece meets that goal.

We also took pictures of each other in Digital Photography class today. I chose 9 finalists for my homework. We have to edit two of the pictures to turn into the teacher. I have also included those on the Class Projects page for you to see.

I finally heard back from the computer store and my iPad2 should be arriving either 4/12 or 4/13! I cannot wait to get my hands on it!

Until tomorrow, faithful readers, adieu… C


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