Lazy day…

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Daily Blog

After yesterday’s romp to Camphill for my doctor appointment filled with bad news, I needed a relaxing day.

In my graphic design class I started building my menu in Illustrator. Drumroll, please…

Muisca is the name I chose. The Colombian people I polled liked that name the best. It is, basically, a name of a very well-known tribe in Colombia, and it has a familiar and friendly connotation.

I built a Mayan/Incan type pyramid that is split in the middle for the front/back of the menu. I’ll post pictures of it in the Class Projects section as I make more progress.

I also started gathering ideas and “sketching” graphics for the poster I wrote about in my last post. It is for an aviation museum and they are going to have both land and air vehicles at their expo. I’ll post some poster ideas when I get a little further along.

The rest of the afternoon I decided I needed some down time and watched TV with my dogs. Graphic design is always in my mind and I got some ideas from some photographs on the news.

Until tomorrow, faithful readers… C


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