Digital Photography In-Class Assignment…

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Daily Blog

Our effervescent professor gave us an in-class assignment today to keep us new, aspiring graphic artists in step!

We had to take pictures around campus of three different lighting conditions: back, side and front. We had to take ten pictures of each type and choose three of each to upload to our group page on .flickr.

I have posted my top choices on the Class Projects page for your perusal. I hope you like them. I am even more aware now of my limited experience with f-stop, ISO, shutter speed and aperture control. I have a ways to go before I can consider myself even fair at photography!

On a personal note, I am SUPER excited because a friend of mine just gave me a packet from a local museum. They want a poster for an up-coming event and they are giving me an opportunity to design one! If they like it, I could include it in my portfolio. Their event is in October, but, they want something soon to pass around. The even BETTER news is that the mayor of Hagerstown and a few board members will see my design! If it works out, they would know my name and my work and could possibly ask me to do more.

I won’t get paid for this work because it is a non-profit organization and they are looking for a “donation”. But, I really believe it is going to help me network and get my graphic art out in the public eye!

Wish me luck, faithful readers… C


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