Graphic Design Project 1

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Daily Blog

Today we were given our first big project in Digital Design II class – a restaurant or bar & grill menu and promotional item.

I have already decided to do a Colombian fine cuisine restaurant since I don’t remember ever seeing that many around. I’ll probably use the colors from their flag and design some of the graphic design pieces around coffee and El Dorado.

I looked up the legends of El Dorado and came up with some neat names: Akator (Mayan for El Dorado), Muisca (The tribe of people in Colombia discovered by Spanish conquistadors looking for El Dorado), Zipa and Zaque (The titles for the northern and sourthern leaders of the Muisca who was supposedly ceremonially covered in gold) or simply “The Colombian”.  I’m not sure about Akator since it was used in the last Indiana Jones movie. Using “The Colombian” might have too many drug and violence connotations for Americans. Muisca (pronounced moo-ē’-skah) might be too difficult for Americans to pronounce, but, it is exotic and also makes one think of music. Zipa y Zaque (pronounced [zē’-pah ē zah’-kay]) , again, might be pronounced incorrectly by Americans and might be too close to the Italian (zuppa) or Polish (zupa) word for soup. Also, Zaque also has a definition of being an animal-skin bag to hold liquids, usually wine and can be colloquially used as “drunkard”. But Zipa y Zaque would lend itself to a cool abbreviation (ZyZ). Muisca and Zipa y Zaque and would be easy to incorporate gold and other high-end, sophisticated graphic design in the menu and promotional item.

So, I’ve narrowed it down to Muisca, Zipa y Zaque, or The Colombian.

What do you think, faithful reader? C


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