Awesome Job!

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Daily Blog

There was a new Graphic Designer job posted online today for InRoad in Frederick, MD.

I am a little concerned that the job states requirements are a Bachelor’s degree with 3 years’ experience.

First, there are no Bachelor degrees for graphic design anywhere close to Greencastle. Second, even if I had a Bachelor’s degree, would they accept my time in college for experience?

Let’s be honest, I probably won’t be getting a Bachelor’s degree unless I get a really good job that assists with tuition. College is just too expensive when you’re my age and not living at home!

I posted the link to the job on Facebook and I might try to apply for it just to see if I get a response. I haven’t gotten responses from any other jobs I’ve applied for this year, so, it would be a first.

The digital SLR camera search is endless. There are so many features and models that it has become daunting. I think I’ll let that one rest for now and come back to it later with a clearer head.

Hope all is well with you, faithful reader… C


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